Membership Levels

Southern Indiana tourism and tourism-related businesses have been joining Explore Southern Indiana for more than 40 years to promote the region's many attractions and destinations.



Any county, state, and federal properties prohibited from paying membership dues or purchasing advertising



Any individual, business, or vendor supporting our goals and initiatives to promote our region together

Paid annually*


For instances where one business is already a member, but additional business are owned by the same person.

Paid annually*


Membership Fee for Businesses. Allows you to advertise in our Brochure which is updated yearly. Gives you access to our bi-monthly board meetings

Paid annually*
*Membership and advertising is subject to approval

The Benefits


It's an exciting time to be a part of Explore Southern Indiana. We make advertising affordable by focusing on our regional identity. Memership is a must to build your business!


  • Networking

    Member meetings are held monthly at various member locations throughout our region. Each meeting will cover a different topic and may include special guest speaks on relevant topics. Membership meals may also be catered.

  • Website Listing

    A basic listing is free. An upgraded listing allows for photos, videos, seasons, hours, and a list of activities. Additional advertising options are also available.

    * "Features & Costs":#web_opportunities

    * "Advertising Options":#categories

  • Visitor Guide

    Every year we publish a visitor guide for our region. Distribution of 150,000 guides is included in your membership. You may request a supply for your own distrubtion.

    * "Ad Sizes & Costs":#guide_showcase

  • Trade Shows

    Every year we sign up for trade shows. You can come pass out our "visitor guide": and promote your business at the same time by passing out any other marketing material you might have.

  • Press Releases

    We distribute your news, events, and press releases to our entire memebership base. This helps spread information quickly and into a very relative audience.

  • Word of Mouth

    When you attend meetings, you can share with others in the industry. Also, as a member, you have the opportunity to host a meeting at your location.

Visitor Guide Publication


Once you are a member, you'll be able to advertise in our visitor guide. Every year we publish and distribute 150,000 guides. Distribution is included in your membership if you purchase advertising space in the guide. You will also receive up to 3 boxes to distribute as you choose.

Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide
Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide Explore Southern Indiana Visitor Guide
  • 3,200
    2-Page Spread

    600 Words
    8 Photos
    Free Coupon

  • 1,850
    Full Page

    300 Words
    4 Photos

  • 1,000
    Half Page

    120 Words
    2 Photos

  • 600

    60 Words
    1 Photo

  • 200
    Listing Only

    Name, Phone, Address

  • Add-On Coupon

    Add-on Only

  • Regional Identity

    Members have the exclusive opportunity to establish a regional identity, to tell their story, and ultimately the story of the region. Space is limited, so only one business is listed per advertorial. CVBs are represented by a star.

  • Distribution

    The visitor guide is distributed to rest areas, welcome centers, and CVBs throughout the region. We handle the distribution. Plus you will receives three boxes for distribution as you see fit.

  • Requirements

    All book ad materials are due by November 5th. Any photos should be 300 DPI or greater. Digital artwork or logos should be digital or camera-ready.

Website Advertising


Once you are a member, you can take advantage of all three of our advertising opportunities. The tables below highlight their benefits, location, and cost.

Upgraded Listing Basic
Business Name
Physical Address
Closest City & Mileage  
Social Media & Trip Advisor Icons  
Seasonal Graphic & Hours  
3 Photos

5 Photos
List of 4-6 Activities    
YouTube Video    
Get Directions    

Additional Categories Basic Plus Expanded
Basic Listing
$10 Each

$10 Each

$10 Each
Plus Listing  
$20 Each

$20 Each
Expanded Listing    
$50 Each

Advertising Options Basic Plus Expanded
Homepage Header Photo
For 3, 6, or 12 months

$75/$150/$250 Each


$75/$150/$250 Each

Featured Business Blog Article
$150 Each

$150 Each

$150 Each

Showcase Ad
Business can be featured only once under each Explore and Stay pages.

$75 Each

$75 Each

$75 Each

Category Photo Ad
$100 Each

$100 Each

$100 Each

Category Footer Ad
$50 Each

$50 Each

$50 Each

Tell Your Story.

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