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So you have always wanted to lock thru the Ohio River locks in a kayak or canoe… Now is your time to be a part of the inaugural ‘Pack- A- Dam Lock’ by Paddle Perry, where we will pack 100 paddlecrafts in the Cannelton (Indiana) Lock and Dam.
REQUIREMENTS: Your canoe or kayak must be a minimum of 10’ in length. NO inflatables or SUPs (Stand-Up Paddle-Boards). You MUST have a US Coast Guard approved PFD (life-jacket). You MUST sign the wavier: WHAT TO BRING: US Coast Guard approved PFD (life-jacket), kayak or canoe at least 10' in length and your paddle, sunscreen and bugspray, cooler full of snacks & drinks, towel(s), extra change of clothes, water shoes, dry-bag or box, extra cash for food vendors, winery and beer garden; but most importantly, a sense of adventure PRE-REGISTRATION: Registration fee is $15.00 and includes a Pack-A-Dam Lock t-shirt and official Paddle Perry decal that must be displayed on your boat. Pre-Registration deadline is July 30, 2021. Due to limited capacity of 100 paddlecraft in the lock, you MUST be pre-registered to participate in this event. If you are not registered and don’t have the official Paddle Perry logo decal on your paddlecraft you will not be allowed to lock-thru with the Paddle Perry group. ARRIVAL & REGISTRATION: July 31 at Rocky Point, IN ( GPS: 7400 Indiana 66, Cannelton, IN, 47520 ) Check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. CST Registration Tent – Register - Get a ‘Flight Number’ (explained below) - Get your t-shirt and sticker – Sign Waiver Proceed to the Deer Creek Ramp - unload your group’s gear and boats. You will want to be unloaded by 9:00 in order to catch the last shuttle from Tell City at 9:30 back to Rocky Point. The driver (AND ONLY THE DRIVER) will take & park your vehicle at ONE of these two locations depending on the distance you’re paddling. 9 Mile Paddle to Tell City: the driver (and only the driver) will drive back to Tell City and park by the Tell City Depot at 337 7th Street, along 7th Street or along Washington Street. Your driver will then be shuttled via bus back to Rocky Point to rejoin your gear and party. 6 Mile Paddle to Cannelton IN (the first takeout): the driver (and only the driver) will drive to Cannelton and park at the Public Ramp via the Taylor Street entrance. The driver will then be shuttled via bus back to Rocky Point to rejoin your gear and party. The last shuttle pickup from Tell City and Cannelton to return to Rocky Point will be at 9:30am CST. Anytime during this event, questions or concerns can be addressed by the Indiana Conservation Officers, Perry County EMA, Paddle Perry volunteers for assistance, Paddle Perry Volunteers in high visibility shirts. Their kayaks will be marked with red flags and are equipped with marine band two way radios. They will be patrolling the route and in the lock with kayakers to make sure all safety precautions are being taken and in full contact with all law enforcement agencies and the Cannelton Lock and Dam. LAUNCHING: You can launch your watercraft at Rocky Point boat ramp on the Big Deer Creek Ramp anytime between 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. CST. where you can enjoy paddling up Big Deer Creek while waiting for the OFFICIAL START at 10:00 a.m. CST. Please stay in the Deer Creek so you’re close to the starting point. The starting point is located at the bridge before entering the Ohio River. If you’d like to wait near the starting point you’ll enjoy live music from the band Possum Junction from the water. To avoid issues with pleasure boaters in Deer Creek, we will launch in three different flights. You will be assigned a flight number, 1, 2 or 3, by order of your check-in the day of the event. The first flight will exit Deer Creek into the Ohio River towards the locks at 10:00 a.m. CST. The second will be at 10:10 a.m. The third flight will be at 10:20 a.m. We are on a very strict time schedule to lock thru the dam so please be on time. The locks will be open starting at 10:45 a.m. and will close at 11:30 a.m.. BE ON TIME. The river will be closed from 10 a.m.m - 1 p.m. CST to ensure our safety locking thru the dam. ALL participants MUST wear a PFD while in the locks! If you are not wearing your PFD properly (zipped up or snapped) you will not be permitted in the locks and will be transported back to Rocky Point at the launch site by the local authorities. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Wearing your PFD at all time is encouraged!! APPROACHING THE LOCKS: SAFETY TIPS: As you approach the locks stay close to the Indiana shore and DO NOT gravitate left of the long wall of the dam. This is a very dangerous place to be!!! Stay at least 200 yards out in front of the locks. Stay clear and avoid any barge traffic that may be entering or exiting the locks. Barges put off a very large wake and you will take on water if you do not maintain distance between kayak and barge. Approach all barge waves at a forty five degree angle or head on. Do not let the barge waves hit you broadside - you will take on water!!! If you encounter a barge moored on a mooring cell or the shoreline leave a minimum disbands of 75 yards between you and the barge, the current can be very strong around these barges. ENTERING LOCKS: When you enter the locks you will notice 10 floating anchor pins on the walls at water level with a 30 foot rope attached to each pin. We need 10 paddlecraft holding on to EACH ROPE to begin the locking procedure. Find a rope and 10 friends as we start the lowering of the water level. Enjoy the ride! YOU MUST BE HOLDING ON TO THE ROPE TIED TO THE FLOATING PIN. THIS IS A COAST GUARD REQUIREMENT!!! AFTER LOCKING THRU: Your first choice of takeout will be Cannelton at the public boat ramp which is 6 miles from Rocky Point. Remember if you’re taking out here, you will want to park your vehicle here. When you exit at Cannelton public ramp you will find a porter potty at the ramp and welcomed with live music by Cannelcade of Music. Your second choice of takeout, will be 9 miles down river from Rocky Point at Tell City. When you exit the river at Tell City Sunset Par you will find restrooms at the park (near the playground). You will be welcomed to food trucks, enjoy live music, and enjoy your favorite brew from St. Benedict’s Brew Works. AFTER THE EVENT: Once in Tell City, there are several restaurants to choose from for your evening meal. Check out the Perry County tourism website for local information and businesses: Enjoy a free outdoor movie at the Blue Heron Winery and tasting one of their Award Winning wines with other paddlers from the days event. Their address is: 5330 Blue Heron Lane, Cannelton, IN 47520 Website: Stay awhile and make your overnight accommodations. There are several motel options OR enjoy one of many campgrounds or cabins in Perry County. *** Remember due to the size of the lock, this event is limited to the first 100 people who register!!*** So make plans NOW to load your Kayak/canoe and coolers up and be a part of this inaugural event that you won’t want to miss! Thanks from your Paddle Perry Board, Paddle Up! CLAUSTROPHOBIC? This paddle may not be for you. While in the locks, you will be surrounded by 4 walls and dropping 20’ with some very ominous noises due to the floating locking pins dropping with the water level. You will be required to sign a waiver before launching. For quicker launching time please follow this link and sign the waiver online:

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