Mitchell Persimmon Festival

It’s time for persimmon pudding, music and a whole lot of fun!

We are happy to announce that the Mitchell Persimmon Festival is back for its 73rd year!

For those of you that don’t know what a Persimmon is… well, it’s hard to explain. Describing what it tastes like is almost impossible, but the Lawrence County community has mastered the art of making this strange little fruit taste amazing in so many ways. You have to come to the festival to find out for yourself! Try some of the local favorites, such as, persimmon pudding and persimmon ice cream as you listen to music or watch the kids have fun on the carnival rides!

This year’s theme is titled “Mitchell, Around the World” in honor of Mitchell community members who have brought a little taste of “Mitchell’s Hoosier Hospitality” all across the globe, as well as those who have traveled from all corners of the planet to make Mitchell their hometown!

*Photo Credit to Times Mail:
Princess on Swings

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