elephant standing up
August 24, 2015

Exotic Animals

Hello Elephants

How many people ever get the opportunity to even see an elephant up close, much less actually touch it? You don’t have to travel to far off destinations….just go to Wilstem Ranch, located between Paoli and French Lick Indiana. For the past few months, the ranch has hosted three African elephants on their property. If you’re there at 4pm on a Saturday, for a small fee you’ll be transported by wagon up through the fields to see them. A shaded canopy and bleachers are provided for your comfort while you get to hear all the interesting facts about these gentle creatures.

Striped Visitors

Don’t wait too long though, the elephants will be leaving mid September. However, zebras will be coming in next. Besides the exotic animals, some of Wilstem’s other furry family include a baby deer, burrow, llama, a variety of goats and several horses. The horses can be rented for trail riding or for guided walks for the little tikes.

Stay the Night

Their cozy cabins can sleep two people or up to 21. Enjoy a private swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, zip lines, and ATV tours. If you’re looking for a place to have a wedding or private party, their gorgeous, restored barn loft, complete with kitchen and bar, is the perfect setting.


Wilstem Ranch

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